Material flow analysis for less waste

Computer-aided minimization of your material movements

Material flow analysis as an inventory

If companies want to work economically, they cannot do without a material flow analysis. It is therefore to be regarded as the basis for process optimization. If material is not used and therefore not in flow, no money can be earned with it. Material has to move, and it has to move quickly and directly. To ensure this and to initiate the right steps, a material flow analysis is an important tool. This identifies material flow costs and, if necessary, diverts them to other areas. The positive result of this analysis can therefore only be the saving of costs, time and resources. Incidentally, this should be carried out at regular intervals.

The advantages of material flow planning

Production processes never stay the same, they change permanently. Due to this change in conditions, the different areas such as production, transport and storage must be adjusted accordingly and weak points must be uncovered. The advantages of material flow planning are obvious:

  • Avoidance of delays
  • No unnecessary waiting times
  • Downtime is avoided
  • Reduction of costs for production, transport and storage already in advance
  • Avoidance or reduction of price increases

The steps of a material flow analysis are mostly the same. First, the objectives are formulated, then the expected results are determined. Now a data basis is created. By examining the system processes, an inventory is made and evaluated. After documentation and graphical representation, the results are presented. Thus the deficits become visible and the optimization can begin.

Simulation, analysis and optimization of your material flows

We plan your material flow according to the established standard VDI 3633. From consulting to implementation, we are also your reliable and competent partner when it comes to material flow analysis. Our many years of experience speak for themselves. Optimize your workflows, too, so that you can look forward to a healthy company in the long term. Turbulent changes on the market must be countered by corresponding actions. For this we would like to be your reliable partner.

Material flows analysis from the expert

Processes within a company are complex and far-reaching. Thus, a material flow analysis can take a lot of time. We at Bross & Partner would like to support you in this process.

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