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Whenever it comes to logistics consulting, you can rely on our many years of expertise at Bross & Partner. You want to put your company on economically sound footing? Do you want sustainable economic success? Do you want to build up something new or change something that already exists and thus become or remain competitive? You have plans, but do not know how to implement them? In all these cases we should get to know each other. Thanks to our experience and proven success, we can also help your company and provide active support in logistics consulting.

Logistics consulting by Bross & Partner – At home in all areas

When it comes to logistics and supply chain consulting, we are a reliable partner for you in all areas.

Create a warehouse concept and optimize your stocks through warehouse planning. Warehouse planning is useful for a new warehouse as well as for the modification of an existing warehouse.

Inventory optimization also helps you achieve greater profitability. Let your money work for you, invest it wisely, control and plan fluctuating market demands in terms of value-added processes.

With Sales and Operations Planning, you can align the various functions of your business and match supply and demand.

In strategic procurement, all departments of a company must work together. A strategic procurement team is then responsible for ensuring that purchasing is properly aligned.

A logistics concept enables you to plan, manage and control the tangible and intangible flows of goods, thus guaranteeing smooth operations.

With a targeted site search, you can ensure that logistics planning is on the right track right from the start.

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