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Digitalization consulting for production & logistics

Digitization consulting by Bross & Partner

Digitization, networked products and services as well as the shortening of innovation cycles, are widespread topics and require new concepts. As a digitization consulting, we show you that digitalization will have a positive impact on your original business model. In addition, Industry 4.0, will connect the real factory with virtual reality. The Smart Factory will play an increasingly important role in global manufacturing.

Our consulting expertise in the area of digitization and IT

We see ourselves as a digitization consulting for production and logistics. This means that our competencies in the area of digitization are regularly in context with our competencies production and logistics. Our digitization consultants support their clients, for example, by creating a planning basis for their logistics project through the creation of data analyses and 3D models.

Many processes run simultaneously in companies. Today, these are handled with the help of IT systems, and every process leaves a digital trace in the system. Huge amounts of data are accumulated through digitization – Big Data. The digitalization consultancy Bross & Partner Consulting Engineers filters relevant information from Big Data. What is it needed for? Business processes are often very complex and confusing. Inefficiencies such as loops in logistics or bottlenecks in production are overlooked. Time is lost, process costs increase, quality suffers and in the end your customers are dissatisfied. With Process Mining you can track down these wastes. Penetrate the most common process flows and find the most common causes of poor performance. Get a completely new perspective and stay one step ahead of the competition with Bross & Partner.

Today, we are connected worldwide via various networks and can access our data from anywhere. Digitalization is also taking place in industry. It is influencing the way people and machines interact. At the same time, machines are communicating with each other and forming independent systems. The following technological advances are driving this change. First, sensors are becoming smaller, more networked and less expensive. Second, faster processors and memory capacities offer ever higher computing power at lower cost. Third, spanning networks enable location-independent communication. With these advances, industrial production is reaching a new dimension. We speak of Industry 4.0. Machines, people and processes are interconnected.

Digitization in construction and engineering is needed to achieve higher productivity. The construction and planning industry is divided into many disciplines. The construction and design of a building relies on efficient collaboration between the various players and trades with the same level of information. The traditional way of planning provides room for errors and misunderstandings. Sharing all information among all stakeholders in a single open format allows everyone to work efficiently and without errors. A building information model is a virtual representation of a real building. All building information is exchanged using an open format and standardized terminology. You can rely on our BIM managers for advice on digitizing your building.

The data analytics experts at Bross & Partner support their clients in generating knowledge from data. On the one hand, data analysis is used for concrete questions and the creation of a planning basis, such as in a factory planning project. On the other hand, we also use data analysis for exploratory research of data sets for trends and patterns without having a concrete suspicion or defining a task beforehand. Both approaches initially have the same procedure. Data must be sourced, cleaned, and transformed before the data is ultimately analyzed or modeled. The competence of data analysis is therefore regularly used in combination with other competencies. As a digitalization consultancy, we have the latest tools in place to support your decision-making processes, in addition to the personnel expertise.

The digitization experts at Bross & Partner understand business intelligence as a company-specific overall concept for information technology support of management. With the help of BI, large databases can be integrated and analyzed. Functions include, for example, report generation, multidimensional data analysis, key figure comparison or customer evaluation. The procedure is as follows. In the first stage, data must be collected and procured. This can be internal as well as external data sources. In the next step, these are uploaded to the data warehouse. In the third step, the data in the data warehouse is divided into individual data marts, which contain only the relevant data for a functional area. The last step deals with decision support. This is done by means of analysis tools, which are mainly used by management.

The Smart Factory is part of Industry 4.0 and aims at the intelligent self-organization of production and logistics systems. In this case, smart means that all the processing stations involved are networked with each other and exchange production data in real time about the respective production progress of the workpiece. The workpiece carrier is monitored and controlled via an RFID chip located in the workpiece carrier. This workpiece carrier moves through production and in it is stored what is to be done with it and on it all the information about the machining process is collected. The system thus always knows exactly what work needs to be done next. The workpiece is produced completely automatically. At each station, the RFID is read and the station knows what is to happen to it. As a digitalization consultant, we would be happy to show you further advantages and components of the Smart Factory.

Production and logistics go digital

As a digitalization consultancy, we show our clients how digitalization will change today’s production and logistics. Through our consulting, you will understand how you too can benefit from the change. The entire lifecycle of a product is determined by automated and highly networked processes. Manufacturing, delivery and service are digitally controlled and exchange their information with each other. The heart of this new world of goods flows is logistics. It guarantees the perfect flow of goods and materials. People and intelligent machines work together efficiently. Real operations and digitized processes have become one. Our transport units communicate with each other and assemble themselves modularly as required. Goods know their destination. They can thus order transports themselves. All routes are linked by information technology. All services, updates and maintenance are automated and carried out in parallel with ongoing operations. We generate most of the energy we need locally ourselves and make it available just in time or store it. Our warehouses have become networked self-supplies. The intelligent energy network controls demand and savings potential itself. Industrial trucks and other consumers return a good part of the energy from the work processes. Energy can be taken up wherever it is needed, and this during ongoing operations. Charging and idle times are a thing of the past.

Digitization consulting for flexible processes

Digitization enables more flexibility. Flexible industrial trucks such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which combine several functions, save a great deal of time. They can cover different work processes with their modules. The entire fleet is linked to the Warehouse Manager headquarters. This is where all the information about our processes comes together. They can be controlled, documented and optimized. Every vehicle you use becomes a forklift in seconds. Because it automatically adapts to personal settings. And of course to the working environment. Whether outdoor or indoor. The complete warehouse is three-dimensionally visible and customizable on time. Vehicles are extremely versatile tools that easily adapt to requirements. Highly sensitive information technology always at your side. Vehicles react automatically. Displays show all relevant information for maximum efficiency and safety. As part of our digitization consulting, we show you which solutions can already be implemented economically at your site today.

Better communication at the interfaces

The interfaces to the next work process, as here in production, are redefined. The machines talk to each other. They then respond independently to the communicated requirements. No matter which vehicle has to be loaded, the truck knows how to handle it. It always uses the optimum configuration. A wide variety of goods can be moved from a single source. Adaptation to size, weight and formatting makes stocking shelves much easier. Digitization and automation have become indispensable from production to logistics. The customer’s communication options close the circle of digitization. Our systems do not yet speak a uniform language. Infrastructures still need to be adapted. Vehicles must evolve from modular stand-alone trucks to networked multifunctional trucks. Every development today is a valuable step into this new era. Keep a firm eye on the future with digitization consulting from B&PBross & Partner.