Definition: Digital twin

The digital twin is one of the factory planning services that Bross & Partner offers you to further digitalize your company. It is a digital method for improving your planning processes. A digital twin is the virtual mirror image of a machine, a production line or a complete factory. This digital replica, which can be an entire production, not only supports the analysis, design or evaluation of processes here, but also helps with the overall planning of production or logistics processes.


Act instead of react with digital twin

The knowledge we gain from a digital twin enables us to react in real time to any conceivable situation. For this purpose, the collected operational data is processed, understood, evaluated and used. To realize this, raw data is evaluated using data analytics and simulations, and forecasts are made. This not only facilitates and improves the planning of new plants, but also enables service to be raised to the next level. Through the simulations, maintenance cases or upcoming maintenance can be predicted, which facilitates the implementation and reduces costs.

Advantages in planning through digital twins

Especially in process design, however, the digital twin brings enormous advantages. For example, the material flow can be optimally designed without having to restructure plants and machines in reality. This not only saves time and costs, but also shows the best possible production flow. This applies both to the store floor level and to the planning process.

Towards industry 4.0 with the digital twin

The digital twin also brings with it a major leap towards industry 4.0, as it makes a significant contribution to the digitization of your company. In a further step, it is possible to act even more digitally by “viewing” the digital twin “live” in the empty production/logistics hall via AR & VR applications. Here, first impressions are created and positioning or processes can be further adapted or optimized.

In summary, it can be said that the concept of the digital twin can be developed into the perfect business process and is indispensable as digitization in production and logistics continues to advance.