Holistic consulting for factory planning & logistics

Dr. Bross & Partner Consulting Engineers is your consultancy for Factory Planning, Digitization and Supply Chain Management. With our offices in Munich and Stuttgart we are not only close to our clients in Southern Germany. Clients throughout the Federal Republic of Germany also rely on our services. As an owner-managed engineering office we understand the language of medium-sized family businesses. But we also advise start-ups and international corporations. Our solutions are always independent and free from third party interests. In addition, our solutions are always individually adapted to the tasks of your company.

beratung für fabrikplanung

Consulting for factory planning

The situation of many manufacturing companies today is characterized by turbulent changes in the markets. These result in uncertain forecasts about future sales and large fluctuations in demand. This is accompanied by a constant adaptation of the structures to the respective current requirements of the market. This makes the planning of a factory complex. This is because individual elements of a factory are highly interdependent. There are also numerous interrelationships with the environment. That is why Dr. Bross & Partner's consulting for factory planning in this elusive planning task takes place from the rough to the fine. Read more.


Consulting for logistics and supply chain

The expectations of consumers are getting higher and higher. Consumers were once satisfied with waiting a week for a package to arrive by mail. Today they are dissatisfied with anything that takes longer than two days. These requirements are accompanied by storage challenges. This forces companies to find a balance between minimum and maximum stock levels. With the consulting services of Dr. Bross & Partner, you are able to determine the economically most sensible stock level and to make accurate forecasts and plans of demand. Read more.


Consulting for digitization

Digitisation, networked products and services and the shortening of innovation cycles are widespread topics and require new concepts. Consulting for and logistics and factory planning shows you how companies are renewing their business models by using these technology trends. We show you that digitization will have a positive impact on your original business model. In addition, Industry 4.0 will connect the real factory with virtual reality. The Smart Factory will play an increasingly important role in global manufacturing. Read more.

State of the art planning

Dr. Bross & Partner Consulting Engineers is an internationally operating technical consultancy for factory planning, digitalization and supply chain management. We support our clients in the analysis, conception and optimization of their processes. The advice provided by Dr. Bross & Partner is always state of the art. For example, through the use of innovative tools for layout planning and material flow analysis. The challenges of the markets, such as a large number of variants and high cost pressure, are always at the centre of our target focus.

Consulting for factory planning and logistics with most innovative methods

When it comes to consulting for factory planning, we meet current megatrends such as Industry 4.0. As innovation experts, we integrate solutions that generate economic advantages both holistically and in detail. We serve classic topics such as the analysis of material flows and layout planning. We also advise on modern topics such as Smart Factory, digital twin and 3D simulation. With reference processes and benchmarks we can determine your position in the competition. Planning is carried out by Dr. Bross & Partner using state-of-the-art technology. Accordingly, we use tools such as visTABLE® to plan the material flow. With this we guarantee an optimal production layout with short distances.